10 Ways That Printed Glass Can Enhance Your Business

From etchings on glass windows to stained glass panels, decorated glass has been with us for centuries. It has a long history as an architectural element, and over time, technological innovations redefined the way people used it.
Beautiful glass art was an indicator of social status and went from purely functional into the realm of art. In today’s modern world, digitally printed glass will add professionalism and class to any regular retail or
commercial buildings.

Why would you use digitally printed glass in a corporate location? Here are 10 great reasons:

  1. It can inject life into elements like signs, interior and exterior walls, and windows
  2. It’s perfect for front or back-lit signage for businesses, restaurants and bars
  3. It will increase the visibility of your brand, logo, slogan or retail theme, which means it’s like free, permanent advertising
  4. It improves the thermal and shade-giving characteristics of windows and minimises building heating and cooling costs
  5. It increases privacy in a tasteful fashion
  6. It needs almost no maintenance and is simple and easy to clean
  7. It will make your business stand out from those around you
  8. With the advanced digital printing that we offer, you can create photorealistic images or redesign your offices to reflect your corporate culture
  9. The process uses ceramic frit or inks, which means images are UV-, fade- and scratch-resistant, and will last for years.
  10. Ceramic inks or frit are just as clean and robust as glass itself, which makes them perfect for sanitary spaces like healthcare facilities, food services and electronics manufacturing, without risking contamination.

What Is Digitally Printed Glass?

Classic etching and other glass manufacturing techniques use chemicals, sandblasting and other abrasive methods to create different images and textures on glass panes. Digital glass printing uses sophisticated that work like inkjet printers in an office. Ceramic frit is digitally jetted onto the surface of the glass, then heat-fused during the tempering process resulting in a durable & permanent image embedded within the glass itself.

One of the best things about printing on glass is that you can work at extremely high resolutions, so you can create much better, clearer designs and even photos. This new imaging process offers fantastic benefits that were never possible before with glass.

Images can be easily printed across multiple panels to create extra-large designs. Here are some ideas of glass items that can be

– Glass panels
– Backsplash
– Countertops
– Wall art
– Tabletops
– Art installations
– Glass cutting boards
– Glass marker boards and calendars
– Cabinet glass inserts
– Door inserts
– Architectural applications
– Interior or exterior glass
– Automotive glass

We use the latest machines for the best results.

Glass Planet acquired a state-of-the-art Diptech Digital Printing Machine in 2020. By using ceramic paint, high-definition images fritted patterns can be printed onto large and medium-sized glass panes. The ceramic paint is then fired onto the glass surface with the Cooltemper tempering furnace and hardened at the same time.

Digital ceramic inks, such as those developed by Dip-Tech, are the most innovative and versatile inks for printing on glass. They offer added functionality for interior and exterior applications, such as solar control, resistance to glare and reflection, and light diffusion and light transmission control that comply with industry standards and durability requirements.

With our digital ceramic
glass printing technology, we can produce unique products, with an unlimited colour palette.

Because it can be easily installed, glass printing is the perfect way to add style and functionality to any space. So don’t wait any longer, make your space stand out with glass printing today!

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