Printed Glass

A blank space is boring. At Glass Planet, we specialise in manufacturing ceramic digital prints on state-of-the-art toughened glass.

Create Atmosphere

You supply us with your artwork and we then get to work by printing the image on toughened glass. We don’t use just any old printer, it’s a specialised machine that produces a durable, quality print on toughened glass. Glass Planet, our work is professional and durable, but our installation is easy and efficient.

Add some atmosphere to your space with our top quality printed glass solutions. Show your appreciation for aesthetics differently.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Glass Is Durable.

We toughen the glass in a specialised way so that it becomes almost unbreakable. Glass Planet Glass is sun and water resistant, so it can be used inside or outside.

Our Glass Is Top Quality.

The quality of Glass Planet glass prints is unrivaled. Our machinery and printing systems offer a product with no pixelation or smuding. Our prints offer an immense depth of colour and every piece is checked numerous times to ensure perfection.

Our Glass Prints Are Unique.

It’s your unique piece of art, not just another random print that’s sold at a chain store. At Glass Planet, we can customise everything according to your design and measurements, so you can go wild with your ideas and stand out.

We Have The Best Prices.

We offer the best products available at an affordable price. Our service is professional and of a high quality, that’s something we’re serious about.

Work With Us

Here at Glass Planet, we create printed glass solutions that are guaranteed to add a touch of excitement to any space.

Whether you’re looking for a privacy screen for your office or a stunning piece of art for your home, we have a wide range of options to choose from. And because we print directly onto the glass, there’s no need for heavy framing or mounting.

Printed glass is also easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy your new addition for years to come. If you’re interested in adding a printed glass solution to your space, contact us and request a quote today. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect option for your needs.

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