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Glass Planet can confidently say we have the best glass equipment in the country, to offer you the best turnaround times on your glass needs. You can expect professional service and exceptional craftmanship because glass is our passion. Moreover, it is teamwork and loyalty that are at the heart of our customer service.

Make the right choice today – choose Glass Planet as your preferred provider.

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Our Capabilities

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to become even more innovative. Technological advancements allow us to stand out from the crowd.

Glass Planet’s custom-made range of toughened glass is used for:

– Frameless Showers
– Frameless Entrance Doors
– Balustrade
– Architectural Windows
– Shopfronts
– Office Partitioning
– Tabletops
– Shopfitting

Contact Us:
+27 11 316 3331

Window Glass

Our toughened glass is perfect for windows on your houses or commercial properties.

Interior Building Glass

Add a unique touch to your home, office’s interior design or shop front with our toughened glass.

Furniture Glass

Create unique glass furniture using our toughened glass to make tabletops, shelves, and more.

Swimming Pool Glass

Take your swimming pool to the next level with our toughened swimming pool glass.

Safety Glass

Our toughened safety glass is perfect for your balconies and stairways.

Framed Glass

Framed glass can add a decorative finish to any space.

Glass Printing

Add a touch of personality to your home or office with our glass printing products.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Keep office and shop safe with our range of bullet resistant glass.

Solar Reflecting Glass

Let the sunlight in, but keep the heat out with our Solar Reflective Glass.

Sound Absorbing Glass

Our Sound Absorbing Glass helps reduce noise pollution, and creates a more peaceful atmosphere at your home or office.

Energy Efficient Glass

Our energy efficient glass is ideal to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Why Choose Us?

Top Quality Glass

Glass Planet isn’t just South Africa’s preferred glass supplier, we’re the industry experts. Our state-of-the-art machines give us the leading edge in the market. Thanks to our imported range of machines we’re able to manufacture unrivalled toughened glass for various purposes.

Quality Guaranteed

Our glass is SABS certified and also complies with National Safety Standards and Building Regulations, so you can be sure that it is of the utmost quality. We only use the best materials to ensure that our glass is durable and long lasting, so you can rest assured that it will serve you well for many years to come.

Wide Product Range

From bullet resistant glass to glass printing, safety glass, furniture glass, energy efficient glass, swimming pool glass, interior building glass, solar reflecting glass, framed glass, window glass, and sound absorbing glass, we have you covered. Our high-quality products are sure to meet your needs.

The Best Equipment

At Glass Planet, we use only the best equipment in the industry. This results in a faster turnaround time, and stronger, more durable glass. With Glass Planet, you know you are getting a product that is safe, reliable, and of the highest quality.

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Glass Installers?

Looking for a list of South Africa’s top glass installers? Look no further – we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of only the best glass installers in the country. From large companies to smaller, family-run businesses, we’ve got it all. So, if you’re looking for high-quality glass installation, you know where to find it.

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